Africa Nature Trekkers was founded in Uganda in 2009 and since then has specialized in offering trips and safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and other African countries. We are well recognized as one of the leading tour-operators in Uganda, thanks to our expertise and dedication in organizing customized private as well as group tours.

Who Are We?

Africa Nature Trekkers was founded by four enthusiastic Ugandans, all of whom have actually lived and expertly worked around the Africa continent! The success of Africa Nature Trekkers is actually attributed to our exceptional hard work, passion as well as enthusiasm for Uganda and the rest of African tourism and Above all, we so much love what we do! Africa Nature Trekkers offers something more exceptional and focuses on offering travelers a safari with a grand value. All this is attributed to the great dedicated as well as hard work of Our Staff that have made it possible to offer tailor-made safaris with in-depth detail basing on our clients’ preference. For this reason, several travelers have traveled with us from different parts of the world.

Why The Name Africa Nature Trekkers?

Nature trekking allows active travelers to get nearer to nature as well as to the wildlife while enjoying an excitingly adventurous vacation in a very environmentally friendly way. If you visit Africa, there is evidently tremendous bio-diversity which suits lovers of either flora or fauna.
And our name, Africa Nature Trekkers and Logo prides in every African country as we make visitors enjoy the sounds of the tropical nature around them. We identify with NATURAL AFRICA in every aspect as per the customized trekking packages we offer definitively. We are sure you will appreciate the continent’s Natural beauty during your trip with us.

Our Competitive Prices

Africa Nature Trekkers has over the years become one of the most favorite tour company in Uganda due to its outstanding service all offered at very affordable prices. Currently, we offer a wide range of safaris or tours ranging from the budget, mid-range to the luxury safaris.

Broad Network Within Uganda

Our Head Office in Uganda’s capital, Kampala and comprises of an wide-ranging network of experts with several years of experience. Additionally, we use the best quality and well maintained 4WD safari vehicles, minibuses, plus safari trucks basing on the number of people taking the safari. Our priority is ensuring that you not only have a spectacular experience in the wild but also have a great and comfortable stay with us.

Outstanding Services

We have set up standing relationships with several hotels plus lodges all over the country. Our membership with several well recognized Tourism Organizations enables us to acquire Gorilla tracking permits as well as Chimpanzee permits in advance for our clients.
Our staff speaks English as the main language of communication so this has enables efficient communication with our clients. In addition to that our head offices in Kampala are open six days in a week (Monday to Saturday) and at any time you can contact us by phone or through our e-mail.

Why Book With Us?

  • pecialists in Gorilla Safaris
  • Tailor-made itineraries
  • Friendly Expert Services
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Hundreds of Special Offers
  • Your Protection
  • Secure payments
  • We’re with you all the way!

Community Contribution

We share our profits with the community around by carry out charitable work annually. We support at least one disadvantaged child each year. In case you book a tour or travel ticket with us you support a child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and promote the development of local communities through tourism at the same time helping our clients discover the unspoiled splendors and natural attractions of NATURE in Africa. We identify ourselves as partners with local people, communities and the natural environment on an individual basis. Our motto is: Discovering Africa. We do our best to give a memorable holiday travel experience to our clients.

Our Objective

Our mission as Africa Nature Trekkers is to organize and implement authentic satisfying tours and safaris with memorable and comfortable experiences for our clients. In addition we offer over 200 private and escorted trips on an African holiday. We offer tailor-made trips for small groups of friends, family and colleagues handicapped and even individuals. We operate safaris like gorilla tracking safaris, mountain hiking adventures, community and social work, wildlife safaris to parks like Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe National Park, and to a number of national parks in Uganda such as Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison Falls National park, Lake Mburo National park, Masai Mara National Park, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, cultural tours, family trips, bird watching safaris and water adventures to mention but a few.
Being a ground operator, we offer private services as well as deal with any challenges that may arise through a trip with expertise and competence. We work together with several highly regarded companies in the countries in which we operate.

Spreading Our Services

Initially, Africa Nature Trekkers focused on Uganda alone, however as years went by we extended our services to the whole of East Africa accommodating clients from all parts of the world. So, today we are among the leading tour agents and we arrange private plus group safaris and tours through Uganda, Rwanda and the rest of East Africa with extensions to Kenya, Zanzibar as well as Tanzania.

Types Of Tours And Safaris We Offer

Africa Nature Trekkers offers safaris, trips and tours to individuals, groups, and families with special packages for the handicapped. Our adventures include voyages to the wildness of Africa, the various National Parks, Cultural Safaris, leisure trips plus city tours among many others. We offer budget, mid range and luxury accommodation and regardless of your budget, time spent with us will always be very memorable.
So we at Africa Nature Trekkers look forward to seeing you as our expert staff with several years of experience are eager to serve you and help you Discover Africa!