12 Days Uganda Cultural Safari Experience

This exceptional cultural safari offers you an opportunity to unveil the real Africa, as well as learn more about the charming customs of the various tribes. Enjoy the thrill as you explore Uganda’s culture!

Tour Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights

This is an exciting 12 days excursion on which you will come face to face with the different cultures, practices as well as cultural sites in Uganda; a country having over 30 tribes and several traditional kingdoms, a number of them still very functional. You will come across variations and differences of cultures plus the beautiful natural environment, journeying from the source of River Nile to the distant semi-arid parts of Karamoja, Acholi land, the beautiful Albertine Rift Valley and then to Hoima, proceed to Kibale to see the Bigodi swamp, the Ankole hills and see the Banyankole pastoralists. On this Uganda cultural tour do not expect to experience the standard wildlife safaris within the National parks, however personally experience the cultural lifestyle of Uganda.

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport you will be received by a representative and driver / guide from Africa Nature Trekkers and transferred to your booked accommodation where you will relax and spend the night; or you will transfer to the capital, Kampala.

Day 2: River Nile – Jinja Town Basoga

Following breakfast, you will head to Jinja the capital of the Basoga people home to the internationally renowned Source of River Nile.
Some of the day’s activities you will enjoy while in Jinja include rafting on the Nile on which you will have an opportunity to explore 30km of this long river, with its spectacular landscape, rapids , the beautiful islands, as well as water birds; visit the palace of the Busoga Kingdom found in Bugembe and a couple of some other historical sites.
You may also have a stopover at Ssezibwa Falls, where legend tales of the exisitence of the spirits of the ancient traditional religion, such as Mukasa (the spirit of water), Ddungu (of hunting), Musone (of the rainbow) as well as fertility. You will dine and slumber at Heaven Eco-lodge, found on river Nile’s shores.

Day 3: Mbale; the Town of the Bagisu

Following breakfast you continue to Mbale, home of the Bagisu, as well as the best coffee growing area in Uganda and the whole of Africa. You will visit the local people who are agricultural producers and even have the opportunity to enjoy your lunch with them. During the even years, the Bagisu people have a traditional ceremony of male circumcision which if lucky you will be able to see this thrilling cultural activity. Dine and slumber at Lacam Lodge, near the Sipi Falls. FB

Day 4: Sipi Falls / Moroto

Following breakfast, you can take the walk to the numerous series of the Sipi Falls in the early morning, trekking through areas cultivated with large plantations of bananas and coffee. Right after lunch, you will drive North through Namalu and the Karamoja region all the way to Moroto a small town. Dine and slumber at Don Vittorio Centre or any other. FB

Day 5: Moroto Found In Karamoja Area

Following breakfast, you will set out for a cultural experience to meet the natives of the Karamoja area through a facilitation of resident staff of support projects within this area. You will visit the local homestead in Lopotuk and the health centre. In the afternoon you will meet the local youth at the youth centre who will entertain you with music, dance and drama performances. Dine and slumber at Don Vittorio Centre or any other.

Day 6: Gulu and the Acholiland

Following breakfast, the journey proceeds westwards, through the land of the Acholi people. This area in the past was much affected by the war of the Lord Resistance Army and refugee camps are still present. Lunch en-route; you arrive in the evening in Gulu, the major town of the region. Dinner and overnight stay at Hotel Pearl Afrique

Day 7: Murchison Falls National Park – Transfer to Hoima

After breakfast, drive through Murchison Falls National Park the largest savannah in Uganda,. You will head to the top of the falls to pleasure in the breathtaking views of these falls. Drive on to Hoima, which is the capital town of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. Dine and slumber at Kontiki Hotel inside a typical cottages.

Day 8 – Hoima / Kibale

Today you will visit the Banyoro traditional royal palace as well as the royal tombs. You will have a stopover at one of the local fishermen villages found near Lake Albert. Have Lunch and later Drive on along the Albertine Rift Valley escarpment and stunning plantations of bananas and tea. You’ll finally arrive in the evening at Bigodi village Kibale Forest. The capital of Tooro kingdom is the beautiful Fort Portal town. In case you have ample time, you will have a stopover at the royal palace to enjoy a guided tour. Dine and slumber at Kafred community guest house.

Day 9: Kibale / Ankole

After your breakfast you will set out to meet the local people of Bigodi during the village walk. In addition you will be rewarded with sights of a typical homestead, see the traditional healer; observe the production of their local beer and even see a couple of handicraft. You will enjoy a special lunch before setting out to trek chimpanzees in Kibale Forest (this is optional). Or else continue to Ankole area going through the Katonga Nature Reserve. You will have your dinner and the overnight at a local farm guest house.

Day 10: The Ankole Region

After breakfast you will set out to experience the actual daily life of the local Banyankole people. You will particularly learn about their culture of rearing their Ankole cattle, the milking process as well as the local production of “gee” plus “Eshabwe”. Mbarara which is the capital of the Ankole people is among the largest town within Uganda and actually has one of Uganda’s prominent universities. Dine and slumber at the local farm guest house.

Day 11: Kampala

In the morning you will drive to Kampala. You will visit Katereke prison that was constructed in 1888 by the Buganda king to imprison princes plus other people who were a threat to his leadership. Kampala is home to the royal palace as well as the local institutions belonging to the Buganda Kingdom, which is the biggest and most influential in history of this central territory. Within the city you will visit the Uganda Museum to have an enhanced understanding of the thrilling history of the natives in the region. After lunch you may visit the Kasubi tombs found on the Kasubi hill, which are the buried grounds of Buganda Kingdom Kings. This is a selected World Heritage Site under UNESCO. Another must visit here is the Bahai Temple. Dine and slumber in Kampala.

Day 12: Departure

You will have another city tour to see more cultural sites after breakfast and later be transferred to Entebbe International Airport for your departure flight.

End of Safari!